The only thing we love more than coffee is fresh cuts! so you sip away while we clip away.

Let’s begin with a classic cliché. But first COFFEE. We have created an easy-going conversational space for our guests. A wise person once said, “Coffee should never ever just be coffee.” We totally respect this cultural identity. There is more to coffee. It begins with a catch of a breath, a relaxing sip then leads to a conversation with another coffee lover, where one can just distress, have a chat and enjoy the happy space. This is what we do.

Only the best coffee beans!

Coffee is our final destination. And like all final destinations, you gotta make it count! We serve Doppio Coffee and this is where Coffee & Tame affair gets exposed. From perfectly brewed Espressos, to foamy goodness of Lattes and Cappuccinos. We stock brands such as The Roasting Plant, Cafe Direct, Union & Modern Standard.  What will be your pick?

Cafe & Barbers Stoke Newington