Barbers in Church Street

On the footsteps of Clissold Park, Church Street is where it all began for us, it’s where we call home. Stretching from one end to the other is a 15 minute walk of culture and identity. Teeming with local shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, bakeries and barbers, you get a feeling that the half a mile long stretch has secluded it’s self from breakneck development seen in neighbouring streets. Holding on to its hip identity filled with culture and history.

Stoke Newington Church Street bears the title of being the oldest named street in Greater London dating back to 1329 as well as the longest street name used in Greater London! Home to Robinson Crusoe author Danial Defoe and others alike. Church street is London shaped into a half a mile stretch with all its beauty. This is our home this is Church Street and we are happy to be a part of trimming and shaving Church Street’s future.